Quiz: Guess Who These Crazy Tour Riders Belong To


It’s no secret that when artists go on tour, most like their dressing rooms to feel like home. So before they hit the road, they put together really descriptive—like really, really descriptive—tour riders that break down exactly what they want promoters to have on hand before they arrive for a show. And no request is too crazy.

From tubes of Nivea chapstick (hi, Drake!) to a police escort (what up, Lil Wayne?), artists include some really bizarre items on their tour riders. You would think all they would need to put on a good show would be a couple bottles of water and some peace and quiet. But artists seem to enjoy turning their dressing rooms into homes away from homes. Why else does Mary J. Blige have a private toilet with a brand-new toilet seat on her tour rider?!

Think you know the kinds of items your favorite artist has on his or her tour rider? If so, prove it. Check out these 10 (alleged) tour riders and take your best guess. Whoever gets the most correct wins… 20 white kittens, 100 doves and a bag full of confetti shaped like butterflies, courtesy of Mariah Carey’s rider.