RapGenius & VIBE Decode 5 Confusing Lines From Lauryn Hill’s ‘Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)’


Ms. Lauryn Hill’s newest release represents a dramatic shift, placing the legendary MC somewhere between the fury of the Fugees and the social awareness of the same era that made her a household name. Still, despite their very real message, the dense ideas of Hill’s outlook on today’s society can be hard to take in. RapGenius breaks down the five most confusing lines from Lauryn Hill’s “Neurotic Society(Compulsory Mix),” with an introduction by musician and niece Zuri Marley. —Gavin Matthews (@GavinThisThing)

“Without a doubt, everyone is happy to hear Lauryn producing new music. The track ‘Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)’ is definitely packed with statements about the negatives of our society, Lauryn has always pushed the envelope in that way. Musically, I think this track deviates from what we’re used to, however, the soulful songstress’ voice still resonates with a tone that is unforgettable. I think this is just the beginning and I’m excited to hear more. Maybe there will be a big single! Remember that Kanye West line from ‘Champion’ [‘Lauryn Hill said her heart was in Zion, I wish her heart still was in rhyming’]? Well Kanye, your wishes have come true! She’s back!” —Zuri Marley (@ZuriLyric)