Rasheeda Is Pregnant And Joseline Meets Her New Enemy On ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’

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Last night on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, things kicked off with Traci and Drew continuing to fight. After last week’s big blow up involving Drew’s jumpoff, we find out that Drew cheated on Traci when she was pregnant with their son. Even worse, Traci still isn’t over him. Drew argues that they’ve been single for seven years so she can’t be mad and he then tells her to cut the check for his sneaker boutique. She seems to give in (again) but says their relationship moving forward will be strictly business.

In happier couples news, we meet Mimi’s new boo, a producer named Nikko. Mimi is still grappling with trust issues due to Stevie and Nikko’s choice of profession isn’t making her feel stable. That being said, she’s in love and wants the world to know. Mimi introduces her girls to her new boo and they seem impressed by him.

Elsewhere, Erica and Scrappy continue to unravel. Erica found questionable texts on Scrap’s phone when he was asleep and thinks he’s up to his cheating ways again. “That could be something I do or did,” says Scrappy, along with “Once you go looking for something, you’re gonna find it.” Scrappy thinks that Erica has trust issues and says that love isn’t the easiest thing in the world. She’s torn but takes her wedding ring off in the meantime to signify their break.

K. Michelle is still dealing with her sexual dysfunction. She shares that she sometimes puts salt around the bed to make sure to keep the “sex demons” away. She then shares that she cleans her house with ammonia before the sun rises. Huh?

Kirk opens up to Benzino that he’s been going through family issues with Rasheeda mainly over money. Adding to the stress, we find out that Rasheeda is pregnant. Although she’s excited about having a child, Rasheeda worries that a baby will cause more damage to her already fragile marriage.

Joseline and Stevie continue to fight over his treatment of her. Jos is tired of Stevie throwing money at her and equating it to love. The producer has been spending time with another female artist as well. By sheer coincidence, Joseline runs into the “other woman” at a party in which the other artist is serving drinks. “I don’t talk to the help,” Joseline declares and refuses to play nice with the new girl.

Joseline is not in a very friendly mood with her other friends either. Karlie, Joseline and Stevie J then have a sit down to talk about the rumor that Joseline smashed Benzino. Earlier, Zino told Karlie Redd that she was lying about everything and he never showed her a sex tape of Joseline. Joseline has issues with Karlie now for even bringing up the alleged romance in the first place. The two former friends start arguing and almost get into a physical fight before security tears them apart. –Sowmya Krishnamurthy