Review: Solange And Kendrick Lamar Make A Lovely Pair On “Looks Good With Trouble”


A few decades from now, when Beyonce is commanding top dollar headlining at some posh Las Vegas residency, polishing her army of Grammy’s and basking in the glow of veteran icon status, fans will hopefully be discovering the effortlessly cool, at times esoteric, uncompromising music of her little sister Solange. That is if the quirky singer-songwriter doesn’t finally get the acclaim she rightly deserves beyond her passionate followers with her latest single, “Looks Good With Trouble.” This is hypnotic, soulful mood music with heart. The groove—guided by a low-end, echoed, electro beat and floating synths—gives ample space for Solange’s underrated, gorgeous harmonies to stretch out.

And then there’s the top-shelf appearance by arguably hip-hop’s most gifted MC of the moment Kendrick Lamar. This is no mere R&B/rap convergence; not when K-Dot stays true to the song’s message of infatuated longing with lines like, “I’m trying to stay on that good thang/whatever song heaven would sing…ya know?” Such an organic collaboration is much needed in an era dominated by just-add-water musical unions. —Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)