Rihanna’s ‘RiRi Woo’ Lipstick Gives Fan Herpes?


TMZ reports that Starkeema Greenidge got more than she bargained for after trying on RiRi Woo at one of Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour dates. Greenidge says she left the performance with what has been diagnosed as herpes.

In a lawsuit against M.A.C. Cosmetics, Greenidge claims that she was at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn when she was approached by a M.A.C. rep who was giving out lipstick samples.

Greenidge says that she applied Rihanna’s Riri Woo directly to her lips as the M.A.C. rep advised her. Apparently, the lipstick had been used by others at the concert and Greenidge explained that her lip was “irritated and hugely swollen.”

After a visit from the doctor, she learned she had herpes.

In her suit, she accuses M.A.C. of sketchy business products, telling customers to apply samples directly on their lips instead of using sanitary swabs.

Greenridge is suing for unspecified damages. — Shannon Powell

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