Rihanna Sues Topshop for $5 Million


Rihanna is known for supporting popular mass retailers, but it’s safe to assume she won’t be wearing anything from TopShop anytime soon. The songstress is suing the retailer for $5 million because the retailer is selling a graphic tee with an unapproved photo of herself. The tee is currently sold in the UK, and to make matters worse, RiRi isn’t receiving any royalties from the sales.

According to the New York Post, Rihanna’s management has asked that Topshop not sell her image “a number of times,” but the store refused.

“This issue is related to a T-shirt provided to Topshop by a third-party supplier,” said a Topshop source. “We are aware it is the subject of litigation. [There are] public documents” available for inspection in the London court.”

Hmm…this sounds a little sketchy to us. But, if you’re looking for an approved RiRi shirt, check out River Island this summer and snag loads of shirts with Rihanna posing with her friends.