RUMOR: Michael B. Jordan To Play ‘The Human Torch’ in ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

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Numerous sources who spoke with The Wrap are saying that the Fruitvale Station star is “in contention” for the role of Johnny Storm.

Fox hasn’t commented so far and no formal offer has been extended, so consider all this as speculative rumor for now. While Michael B. Jordan is clearly a star for the future, his casting is far from a sure thing right now. According to Slash Film, the former Wire cast member has had multiple meetings with the studio, and has established a good relationship with Fantastic Four director Josh Trank thanks to working together on Chronicle.

It’s no secret that the superhero world on film has been purported an all-white affair. Many were happy to see Nick Fury get some color and audiences will be equally pleased to see War Machine get some shine, but with the vast majority of leading heroes devoid of melanin, it seems that casting Jordan could make for an exciting Fantastic Four film.

Trank’s consideration of Michael B. Jordan for the role of Johnny Storm a.k.a. The Human Torch, only seems to be complicated by the other rumor of Allison Williams (who may play Sue Storm). How Jordan might impact casting for the Sue Storm role is quite unclear. In the comics, the characters are siblings, so Trank may have to consider a Black actress to fill the role (our choice is 42’s Nicole Beharie) or alter the backstory if Jordan is cast.

That is still a big if at this point, as no one’s very far along in the casting process right now. For now, the good news is that Fantastic Four is on track to begin shooting this fall for a March 6, 2015 release.

Props: Cinema Blend