Sean Kingston Talks To The Breakfast Club About His Jet Ski Accident, Relationship With Rihanna And More


Sean Kingston talked a good game when he stopped by Power 105’s Breakfast Club. The first lady of the morning crew gave the “Beat It” singer a quick chick list to decipher who was an ex and who was a homie.

The conversation then turned to his 2011 jet ski accident where he detailed what went wrong. “Basically the tide got high,” Kingston, a Miami transplant, said. I was new to [Star] Island. It was Memorial Day Weekend, we had girls over and I wanted go out and ride…me and my homeboy were racing, actin’ a fool in the water…and I hit the bridge. I thought i could make it but the tide and sea level rose up and I tried to slow down but jet skis don’t have brakes and I tried to let go and I hit the bridge.”

Charlamagne then asked the 23-year-old what he learned from the near-death experience. “To keep it a hunid, it just made me really appreciate the small things,” he said. “Before, when I wake up, [I was like] I’m young, you can’t tell me nothin’ but it made me slow down because everything can be gone tomorrow, so just to be cautious and safe.”

The Jamaican pop superstar also spoke on his relationships with Rihanna, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. He is currently working on his new effort Back 2 Life.