Sephora Celebrates Its 15th Birthday, But We Get the Presents


For the past 15 years (wow, who remembers what they were doing 15 years ago?!) Sephora has served as the ultimate mecca for beauty lovers. The beauty paradise carries over 13 thousand different products and we love every one of them. No, seriously.

The retailer wants to celebrate its born day with all the beauty girls by offering discounted prices on its products, as well as limited edition gifts from the best brands perfect for the summer sun. Visit the store every Saturday during the month of June for a chance to win makeup bag makeovers and giveaways.

And to commemorate the big day, Sephora launched a timeline to give us an idea of the brands major successes. Did you know that in 2002 Sephora sold almost one tube of lipgloss per minute? Yea, that’s pretty dope.

Check out for more details and jump the page to view our favorite products under $15.

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