Are You Worried? Sex Superbug Found in Hawaii


Ladies, pull down your skirts.

A drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea, dubbed the “sex superbug,” is on the loose. Okay, not really. But a monstrous version of the sexually transmitted disease–first found in Japan in 2011–has been found in parts of the world, and you sex-happy folks should be concerned.

According to Peter Whiticir of the State Department of Health’s STD/AIDs Prevention Control, very few medications are working to control this aggressive strain and people should be concerned that this private parts-loving insect is evolving. “There is no multi-drug super resistant superbug yet in Hawaii or the United States. We don’t have the superbug in Hawaii that I repeat again, but I think it does raise people’s consciousness that gonorrhea is out there, there are new strains that are developing and evolving and we need to be aware of that and protect ourselves.”

What could be worse? This form of gonorrhea being deadlier than AIDS, that’s what.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asked Congress for $50 million to find a new antibiotic to treat the drug-resistant strain of the disease, so again we advise you to keep you skirts down. And in the event that you just can’t, make sure to practice safe sex now more than ever.