Should You Ever Confront ‘The Other Woman’?


If I ever had the chance to verbally go toe-to-toe with the woman my man may be cheating with, would I? Hell no. There is no long-term satisfaction that will come from confronting the female your man is seeing behind your back.

I’ve had plenty of chances to confront the female that sent my ex half-naked pics or the female “best friend” that came for my man, but I never felt the need to. To have her see me sweat and demand answers she’s not obligated to answer? Never. If I find out about the other lays my boo entertained, I’m going to do one things: chuck the deuces to our relationship.

But, will the other woman confront me? Every time.

The ex-girlfriend of a guy I began talking to thought she was going to put me in my place by confronting me. (A hoodrat move.) After she confronted me, I confronted him (as she should have) and ended it. To this day, I laugh at her because she stayed with him, and he stays in my inbox and denies her.

There are so many consequences that may come from you confronting the female you view as the homewrecker. Not only do you look stupid, but, if that other chick still wants to date your man, she will with no remorse towards you. No relationship is perfect, we all know that, but never let a female know your house is broken.

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