Should You Join A Beauty Subscription Service?


In lieu of drugstore hit and runs, product junkies can now get swag bags shipped straight to their crib. Niki McGloster dives into the sample swapping deep-end

Call me a creature of habit. I don’t go all Tyrone Biggums over powders and goops. Instead, I stick to a faithful line-up—see: my portable stash of Lubriderm lotion and Motives foundation—and only restock when the needle hits E. But with spring shifting in, my regimen needed a reboot. Via word of mouth, I stumbled over a solution: online subscriptions, aka door-to-door hair, body and cosmetic bundles for cheap.

As a 24-8 work drone, pledging allegiance to a virtual delivery service that cut out the endless bottle browsing and steep receipts was a no-brainer. Some brief site surfing while dodging KimYe baby headlines led me to enlist with three top-tier monthly dealers: Birchbox, curlBox and Beauty Army. Two days later, once the travel-sized samples arrived, my inner girly girl shrieked… and then went mute. This was it?

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