Single and Waiting? Try


With the number of single parent households skyrocketing, celibacy has turned into a popular solution. Today, more and more people are putting sex on hold and opting for meaningful relationships.

Jeremy Billingsley, a husband and father of three, noticed the trend and decided to capitalize on it by creating a community for them. is a new dating hub that caters to singles who find meeting people difficult once they’ve made the decision to abstain from sex. In an interview with Essence, Billingsley emphasizes that although it’s a faith-based, the site is open to anyone.

“ is for anyone who is celibate or considering celibacy,” he says. “And it’s for those looking to meet others with the same values. There aren’t just Black people on there. We actually have people of all races on the site…I [created] this is because over 70 percent of Black kids are born into single-family households and the HIV and AIDs crisis. I wanted to do something different that would make a difference in the future.”

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