‘SNL’: Kanye West Debuts New Track, ‘Black Skinhead’ (VIDEO)


Kanye West premiered the new screamo-rap track “Black Skinhead” on the Saturday Night Live season 38 finale. The new song finds its way to fans almost 24 hours after West premiered another new track, this earlier one called “New Slaves,” via projections on walls around the world.

Both tracks are from his upcoming sixth studio LP, Yeezus, set to drop on June 18. (It’s all happening so fast!) In an interview, Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, who laid down the live and programmed drums for the LP, said that West was “kind of screaming primally, actually” through the recording session. “Black Skinhead” definitely fits Bangalter’s description. A revamped take on Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll” aka “The Hey Song” is reminiscent in the backbeat.

At recent gigs, West has been going off on corporations and dropping lengthy anti-establishment rants. With a “not for sale” sign flashing behind him (It’s all starting to make sense!), ‘Ye indeed goes a bit primal during his SNL stint. Watch it above. SNL audio rip below.