Snoop Lion Talks Exit From Death Row, How Biggie Never Hated Tupac (Video)


What will Snoop Lion say next?

After revealing his pimp days, the reggae rapper sat down with Sway in the Morning and spoke about his personal friendships with two of rap’s greatest Biggie and Tupac. Check the hightlight reel below.

On realizing he had to leave Death Row:
“That’s when I began to see that this wasn’t for me. I started to see that Death Row wasn’t for me at the time because when you put all of our lives in jeopardy like that, you don’t care about that business and that’s what happened, our lives were at jeopardy.”

On his relationship with Biggie:
“Biggie was my homeboy. I mean, he was a real, real friend of mine. I remember early on when we used to come out here, he used to hang out with us. Ride in limos with us, we used to go smoke, chill, the whole nine. When he made that record, the last record he made, he played a song for me. He was like ‘I want you to hear this song’. He played that record for me (‘Somebody’s Gotta Die’) in front of all his homeboys. He wasn’t tripping. He wanted the world to know ‘I love Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg loves me.'”

On Biggie’s feelings toward Tupac:
“He was like ‘Man I love Pac, I don’t know why…’ And we were just having that intimate conversation about how he never hated Tupac. How he loved Tupac, but this is just me and him in a private room, smoking.”

Watch the full interview above.