The XX Project Unites Soledad O’Brien and Eve for Salon Sessions


Eve and SoledadThe reporter happily offered advice for aspiring reporters and journalists before the interview. Like any other occupation, she believes having a mentor is an opportunity to be of service.

“I think the thing to do is find women who want to be mentors. You make yourself invaluable. Also, it’s not what person can I grab onto to get advice from, it’s how can I be of service so that I’m sharing information with someone. What can I do?”

Soledad—who considers Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell her favorite hip-hop artists—was mostly interested in Eve’s role as a woman in a male-dominated industry. The former Ruff Ryder spoke candidly about being pinned against other female rappers and her hope that they could some day all get along.

“I think it’s men more than women that try to push girls into each other. When I got to sit down and actually talk to some of these ladies, they’re actually pretty amazing. I think if all the craziness were pushed out the door and we had to sit and talk to each other, I don’t think there would be an issue at all.”