The XX Project Unites Soledad O’Brien and Eve for Salon Sessions


Eve speakingThe two seemingly opposite women continued to talk about Eve’s ups and downs, including her bout with depression, her early days as a stripper (“I was definitely telling people I was a rapper…while wearing a G-string”) and wanting to naturally hide her emotions. “I’ve always had an attitude,” said Eve. “I’m a Philly girl. And Philly girls are crazy. I may leave you and go cry by myself. But in front of someone, I’m not going to show you anything.”

In conclusion, the biggest lesson learned is that all women can be an inspiration, no matter what their background may be.

“The people you think are the complete opposite [of you] are not. Everybody has dreams and hopes and wishes and wants to be successful. You can learn from anybody,” shared Soledad. “I never really interviewed a rapper before. Then I started doing my homework and you realize she’s a woman who’s a business professional, who’s upstanding and inspiring.”

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