Vixen Chat: Sommore Talks ‘Chandelier Status,’ Dressing for the Stage and Dream Movie Role


Sommore Chandelier Status

VV: Switching to style, what are your must-haves for the dressing room?
S: I have to have water. I have to have Ciroc, pineapple juice, grilled chicken, vegetables, chocolate covered strawberries, roses and candles.

How do you deal with the bright stage lights during a performance?
I hate when I’m finished working and I don’t look ugly because that means I didn’t work hard enough. When I’m done, I’m usually sweating. I try to use a mattifier, but the lights are hot. Nine times out of ten, I got on some sequins or something hot. I wish I could learn to wear something breezy, but I’m always picking something hot and dramatic.

How do you decide what to wear?
However I’m feeling. My biggest fear is to show up to work and someone in the audience has on the same thing I have on, so I make sure they don’t. With that, I just create something to wear. I use Black Opal products. I love makeup. I read makeup books and videos and all those kind of things. MAC makeup. For the most part, I do girly stuff. I’m a girly girl, but I can hang with the boys.

Now, your sister Nia Long just wrapped filming on The Best Man Holiday. Will you be watching?
Of course! I’m her number one fan.

What is your dream movie role?
I want to smack the shit out of someone in a movie. I really do. I just want to be fabulous and go in there and slap the shit out of somebody. I’m past the drink throwing. I want to play a real, real bitch.

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