Soulja Boy’s Bentley Gets Impounded


Soulja Boy’s swag was curbed when authorities impounded his red Bentley after identifying it as the car involved in an accident.

Hidden cameras in Hollywood allegedly caught the “Crank That” rapper’s wheels fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run at the top of this year.

TMZ reports that on January 9, a motorcyclist T-boned a red Bentley in Hollywood leaving the biker with some serious injuries. The driver of the Bentley high-tailed from the scene after causing the accident with a reckless turn.

Like a scene from The Great Gatsby, the victim’s friend went on a search for information about the crash with one question always coming up short: Who drove that red Bentley?

It turned out that Roscoe’s isn’t only a go-to stop for chicken and waffles, but Soulja’s food spot of choice. While getting his grub on, valet service confirmed that the red Bentley’s was Soulja’s after the details matched up to the crash car’s info.

Upon receiving the license plate number, the popo were able to nab a search warrant for probable cause and impounded Soulja’s car. LAPD is still investigating into the matter.