Spring Cleaning: How to Organize Your Makeup Bag


makeup bag

Among all the many items in a woman’s handbag lies a smaller bag filled with makeup goodies. Some cosmetic bags are small, others are large, but one thing that is common in all bags are makeup essentials we can’t live without. But how exactly do you keep it organized (and clean)? Try our steps and you’ll be de-cluttered in no time.

1. Choose Wisely!

The first step to being organized is to select a makeup bag with various compartments. Also, if you’re accident prone, opt for a darker colored bag. “I always recommend a black nylon medium size zipper bar,” says makeup artist and beauty expert Stephanie Flor. “In case something breaks, a black bag that can be put in the laundry works best. But, if you like color, get a makeup bag that has color on the outside but hold your items in a Ziploc bag [on the inside] to keep the bag clean.”

Photo Credit: allthatjaes.wordpress.com