How To: Step Your Sock Game Up (Do’s And Don’ts)


Guys, if your idea of sock coordination means scoring a match in the laundry pile, it’s time for a tutorial. Know these FAQs before slipping into your next pair

Q: Can I get away with wearing athletic socks with dress shoes?
A: Not without being clowned. As tempting as it sounds to throw on thick black cotton socks with black oxfords, it’s a mega faux pas. Paired with dress shoes, athletic socks can look bulky and make your loafers fit tighter than leggings on Amber Rose. Try thinner materials like silk or cashmere to give your toes some wiggle room.

Q: I just copped a pair of printed socks. Is there a rule for mixing and matching?
A: For experiments with fresh prints a la Andre 3000, don patterned socks like argyle or stripes with solid garb. If you’re bold enough to do prints on prints but don’t want the dressed-in-the-dark look, keep all the patterns in the same color family.

Q: Are white socks only for the gym?
A: Traditionally, guys break out white ribbed socks when they’re tapping into their inner Kobe on the court. But you can slip on a pair for sporty attire (t-shirt, nylon shorts and kicks). Just stay away from wearing whiteys with black dress shoes, unless you’re planning to moonwalk for money.

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Q: Is it ever cool to go… commando?
A: Knock your socks off. Plenty of guys bare ankle cleavage with style. The trick: letting your dogs breathe in airy footwear like loafers and boat shoes. Invest in a potent powder to soak up sweat (Dr. Scholl’s Soothing Foot Powder, $5, and leave the funk to James Brown.

Q: I’m breaking out my bright suit this spring. What’s the perfect sock matchup?
A: Now’s not the time to rock more colors than a ’90s girl group. For suits that might startle Craig Sager, find subdued socks a shade darker than your ensemble but lighter
than your shoes. On the flip side, if you’re decked out in black or navy, grab a pair that matches your outfit, not your shoes.

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