Stand-Up Characters: Curren$y And The Hangover 3’s Ken Jeong Answer Your Twitter Questions


Jet Life rep Curren$y and Hangover 3 bad boy Ken Jeong respond to our readers’ most burning Q’s. Peep their spicy responses and be sure to check out their LMAO-laced exchange here.

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you in Vegas?

Jeong: I remember having dinner with my wife at a restaurant in Vegas and a bachelor party from Germany was there. They actually had the Mr. Chow scene on their laptop because they were getting ready for a “hangover” weekend, and me and my wife were sitting by them. They were just showing me my own movie getting so psyched about meeting the actor who played Chow.
Curren$y: How do you get pumped for a hangover weekend? How do you prepare to go in and not remember something?
Jeong: I got an answer to that: I don’t. I don’t do any of that stuff because I’m married with kids
Curren$y: They were preparing for a hangover weekend, like where in the world did you get fuckin’ plastered and remember?
Jeong: I think they were planning to do just a lot of hardcore stuff.
Curren$y: Well, as a doctor, you shoulda checked on them.
Jeong: You’re right Curren$y. I should have said, “I’m really flattered that you want to go hard out this weekend, but you know what, I really encourage you to do everything in moderation.”
Curren$y: Nah, it’s too late. I think you lost yourself as a whole.
Jeong: Maybe I got lost man.
Curren$y:You don’t even know when to advise.
Jeong: I got confused. Maybe I thought I was Chow instead of Dr. Ken.
Curren$y: Like there’s Curren$y and then there’s Shante. The streets know Curren$y. You gotta draw the line between Doc and Chow.
Jeong: Yeah, you’re right. You gotta know like when you’re being the Nature Boy and when you’re being Ric Flair. You’re my role model. You and the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase, are my role models about how to separate fact from fiction.