Street Dreams: 9 Artists Amanda Bynes Should Feature On Her Rap LP


In the past three years, Amanda Bynes has gone from the sweet girl you watched on Nickelodeon’s All That to a grown woman unraveling before our eyes. She was arrested for DUI in 2012 and things only went downhill from there. Although she insists that she isn’t on drugs and she’s just trying to live her life, her rapid transformation has been one of the more bizarre of late.

Between trying to look like stripper/model Blac Chyna and suing everybody who says something negative about her, the self-proclaimed “beauty queen” says she’s working on a career as a rapper and plans to put out an album. Yeah… we don’t understand why either. But we’ve compiled a list of artists who could help the former child star make this strange situation work. Flip through the gallery for her prospective features. —Terry Carter Jr.