Sweet Brown To Star In New Reality Show?


Check the clock. It’s Sweet Brown’s time.

After becoming a viral e-phenomenon for her quotable news interview, discussing a house fire on-camera, the self-made star has landed in several TV spots and a cameo in Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas. But she revealed to The Grio what could possibly be her biggest role yet.

“It’s gonna be hilarious. You’re gonna really crack up,” Sweet Brown says of her new show The Sweet Brown’s, which is already in production. She describes the series as “a fish out of water, rags to riches series, that’s a combination of The Jeffersons and The Beverly Hillbillies.

And in case that wasn’t enough Sweet for ya, she also has plans to release a game appl, cookbook, and a BBQ sauce called Oh Lord Jesus it’s a FIRE.

The Oklahoma native also co-signed another up-and-coming online sensation Charles Ramsey, the local hero who was responsible for locating three women who have been held captive for nearly a decade. She said she found common ground with the unsuspecting star, who’s already been spoofed by comedian Mike Epps.

“One similarity that I see, is that we love people. We gon’ help people,” she said. “What Charles did was great. Because I have daughters and if my kids was missing that long I would want a good Samaritan to rescue my baby. Don’t leave me in the dark. Let me baby come home. So what Charles Ramsey did…I think it was a good thing; thumbs up, Charles.”

Watch the full interview here.