‘Teen Mom’ Sex Tape Rakes In 2 Million Views


The ‘MTV Teen’ Moms just keep getting classier.

This time, it’s season one mom Farrah Abraham whose making headlines for a recent porn video. Titled ‘Backdoor Teen Mom,’ the 70-minute video gone on sale via Vivid Entertainment, the same website responsible for the selling of the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape.

After just 12 hours on Monday (May 6), Abraham’s porn debut generated over 2 million visitors to the site, crashing Vivid for nine minutes. A collaboration with porn star James Deen, the video beat out Kim K.’s selling record on the site, which garnered 600,000 views in 12 hours.

Abraham, who cashed out on the video with a cool $1.5 million, took to her Keek account to defend her actions on video.

“So on the real, what would you do,” she said. “You have been a single mom for four years, off and on, dating loser-ass boys who always try and sell information, lie to you, manipulate you. You have just realized you are an awesome person and you deserve someone.

“Now that you’re 21, you’ve pretty much been crying every night because you are single and alone,” she continued. “So, you make your own video, celebrate your awesome body (and) get your own sexy shots.”

Abraham is the mother of a four-year-old girl named Sophie.