The Truth About Birth Control, Should You Really Be on It?


But, even after 50 years there are still unanswered questions. Does birth control cause breast cancer? Will it affect pregnancy? How do we get rid of the side effects?

To give us the real (and honest) scoop we asked Dr. Yael Varnado to let us know what we should ask our doctors and how do we decide which form is best. One thing is for sure: “The use of birth control decreases the risk of female cancers like ovarian and endometrial, but the jury is still out on breast cancer,” she says. More below.

Vibe Vixen: How does birth control physically and mentally change our body?
Dr. Yael Varnado: The great thing about birth control pills is that through the years they’ve included forms that are more tolerable for women. Most ladies experience nausea, vomiting and spotting on the pill, and an overall sense of not feeling well, weight gain, moodiness.

Additionally, research shows that birth control pills decrease your libido. Women are having issues with not becoming stimulated or aroused. If you sat down with your girlfriends, some would say ‘I don’t have a problem at all’, others would say ‘I’m turned on more with the pill’ and the rest wouldn’t notice any change. However, overall 30% of American women will report that they’re sex drive is decreased on birth control.