The Truth About Birth Control, Should You Really Be on It?


Birth Control pillsThat’s horrible. Are there any positives changes?
A lot of dermatologist use birth control pills as a way to prevent or treat acne. The testosterone circulating in our body is responsible for the sebum hormone production. If you can decrease the amount of sebum production, you can decrease the amount of acne. If you’re testosterone is lower, your sebum production is lower, and ultimately you get less acne.

What about yeast infections?
Yes, medications that we take whether it’s antibiotics or birth control pills can offset the flora, the normal gut bacteria that we have. If you do that, that can lead to a change in PH in the rest of our body. Those changes in your PH can lead to dryness, itching, bacterial infections, and yeast infections.

Who shouldn’t be on birth control?
If you’ve had a history of cervical cancer, you’re pregnant, or trying to get pregnant. Those are the types of people who shouldn’t be using any form of birth control or contraceptive.

Let’s talk about the NuvaRing. Is it really safe for it to be in us for so long?
Yes, it’s safe, but the same people that shouldn’t be taking birth control pills, shouldn’t be taking the NuvaRing, or the patch. These are women who have a family history of heart attacks, stokes, etc. The other thing I have heard, some of my girlfriends even say this, is that during intercourse it can come out.