The Truth About Birth Control, Should You Really Be on It?


black woman talking with doctorYikes! That’s awful. What are three important questions every woman should ask a doctor before they begin taking contraceptives?
1. You need to share your family history; they need to know if you’re at a higher risk to have a bad outcome. If you’re a smoker you should not be taking birth control pills. You need to know if you have an increased risk of having a heart attack or blood clots.

2. You should ask what you should do if you miss a pill. Every woman that’s taking birth control should know how to take the pill (or whatever form you decide) on a regular basis and what to do if she gets off track.

3. You also need to think about your ability to get pregnant when you stop taking birth control.

Is infertility an issue if you’re on certain types of birth control?
There can be, but it depends on your body. If you’ve been on a pill where you [haven’t gotten your period] for three months, six months, or even a year then your body has been exposed to constant levels of estrogen and progestin. It may take anywhere from three to six months to get back to your regular cycle. But, we wouldn’t start worrying about getting you tested for infertility until you’ve had unprotected sex for more than a year.

Does birth control cause breast cancer?
Some studies have shown a slightly increased risk in getting breast cancer, while others report no risk at all. It depends on what kind of pill you’re taking, and your family history. I think it’s important that women know that the FDA is actively researching Yaz and Yazmine which are two newer drugs that have artificial progesterone in it.