Tionna Smalls Lands New MTV Series


Two years ago, we watched relationship guru Tionna Smalls attempt to find love for Chilli on VH1’s What Chilli Wants. Although the experiment yielded no permanent results, Smalls successfully branded herself as the go-to girlfriend for relationship advice. After a foray into publishing and film, the reality star is finally returning to television with MTV’s Girl, Get Your Mind Right!

On May 20, the half-hour-long series will follow Smalls as she helps 20 young women in the love department. “In each episode, Smalls will assess their particular problem and confront it head on, whether it’s the men in their lives or their own personal hang-ups,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.  “As part of the journey, she will give them a personalized makeover that addresses their looks, behavior and attitude. Before they go on their dates, Smalls offers them final pointers before going undercover and spying on them to see if her tips are being put into action.”

Last night, Tionna confirmed the news on her Twitter account while also revealing that she is producing the series. “Thanks to everyone for their support of my new show, “Girl, Get Your Mind Right!”I am the star and producer of the new series on MTV. 5/20″

Photo Credit: VH1