Tracy Morgan Talks To The Breakfast Club About Hosting Billboard Awards, ODB Biopic And More


Comedian Tracy Morgan kept it a hunnid during his early morning visit to Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club from the minute Charlamagne complemented him on his scent.

The Billboard Awards host says he has no qualms about being criticized for his performance at the show because it’s just entertainment. “I look at it as fun. I’m going to have fun and set the tone for the show,” he said. “Even when I do stand-up, I know I’m gonna lose some folks in my audience. Some people don’t like Chex. Some people like Cap’n Crunch. I talk about everyone on stage so if that’s not your taste, then get up and walk out.”

He also discussed talking to RZA about playing ODB in an upcoming biopic, though Michael K. Williams has already nabbed the lead role. “Me and RZA talked about it. I would still be up for it if the situation’s correct ’cause Ol’ Dirty Bastard and I hung out together,” he said of the Brooklyn-bred Wu Tang rapper. “I’m a big fan of his and I know I could do it well. I would have to pull back the layers on that. When I watched Jamie Foxx in Ray, he wasn’t doing an impersonation. He was channeling Ray [Charles].”

Watch Morgan bring more LOLs in the full interview above.