Trey Songz Cleared of Strip Club Charges


Trey Songz only came for the ladies and the drinks, but a night at the strip club ended badly for the Chapter V singer in December last year with a woman crying assault.

According to The NY Daily News, Donna McIntosh-Inoe claimed that she was at Club Perfection in Queens, New York and came up to the VIP section to take a picture with Songz. As she took out her phone to take the photo, the sexy singer allegedly threw a wad of cash at her face.

“He chucked a wad of cash at me,” McIntosh-Inoe said. “I didn’t even know I had a bruise on my face until after I left the club. I had to walk around a whole week with a black eye.”

Now, TMZ reports the charges have been dropped due to a lack of substantial evidence to prove that the inventor of sex actually did anything illegal. But the Queens D.A. office went on to add that even if Tremaine did throw the stack, “there would be no clear case of misconduct” and “no high level of recklessness.”

Though it all ended well for the 28-year-old, there is a lesson to be learned in the situation. Thou shall be more careful while making it rain in the club.

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