Tyler, The Creator’s Mountain Dew Ad Ignites Uproar


Tyler, The Creator and his Odd Future crew are known for their irreverent, out-of-bounds humor. But the outspoken ringleader of the California-based rhyme collective, who in the past has been dressed down by critics for writing sexist and homophobic lyrics, has once again found himself in hot water.

A Mountain Dew online ad developed by Tyler has been pulled due to what many charge as portraying racial stereotypes and violence toward women. The 60-second clip in question features a bruised and battered white woman who is asked by police to point out a suspect from of lineup of African-American men, which also includes a goat character that goes by the name Felicia.

In the tongue-and-cheek spot, the goat threatens the fearful woman warning, “Ya better not snitch on a player…keep ya mouth shut.” The woman then runs off screaming, “I can’t do this, no, no, no!” PepsiCo Inc., which owns Mountain Dew, has apologized for the clip. According to spokesperson Jen Ryan, the company was told of the controversial clip on Tuesday, and immediately removed it after some viewers found the ad offensive.

Tyler has yet to respond over the online commercial, but Ryan added that PepsiCo Inc. was told by the MC that he will indeed take it down from his YouTube channel.

Tyler, The Creator recently released his critically-acclaimed album “Wolf.”—Keith Murphy (murphdogg29)