VIBE Gets ‘Nice And Close’ With Dance Music Herald Trent Cantrelle


Trent Cantrelle’s much-anticipated ‘Nice and Close’ EP drops today on Steve Angello’s SIZE X label, already making ripples in the tides of Beatport. The NOLA-bred, LA-buttered producer-DJ first takes us on his sonic journey via the artfully crafted rhythms and supremely danceable grooves of the EP.

Then, Cantrelle gives us insight by discussing his process and plans for the future (below). Ready for the ride?

Trent Cantrelle On:

The Process:
“’Nice and Close’ is one of the moment-type of records. The type of song I would close out a festival with. It was mainly inspired by my experience playing Ushuaia Ibiza last summer. The other song [on the EP] ‘Understand’ is a good example of the music you will hear in one of my club sets. Darker chunky type house, like this.”

His Sound:
“I play dance music… best way to describe it. Anything that actually makes people dance, not stand there and fist-pump. I love playing long sets, starting off very deep and working my way through the motions of the night. Those motions all depend on the evening itself, to be honest. When the moons align the music takes course. I grew up watching DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, and so on. They can turn out any room any time and any place. I tend to favor that model of adapting to your environment without selling ones soul.”

Future Releases:
“I have more material slated for Size X. Also, I’m re-launching my own label Sounds Like as a creative vehicle for myself. There are also a series of Sounds Like events here in Los Angeles such as the first one back in March.”

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