VIBE Premiere: Ben Moon “Celebrity” (Clokx Big Room Edit) [VIDEO]


When VIBE last spoke with Ben Moon, he mentioned his life changing environmental art piece “ROKLYFE” and hopes to impact humankind through its shared experience. “I’ve always held the conviction that I was meant to contribute something to the greater fabric of human culture,” Ben told VIBE. “All the paths that I’ve taken, and work that I’ve done has been in the hope that I was moving towards this goal.”

This weekend music and art lovers alike will finally see his efforts come into fruition when Ben performs “ROKLYFE” this Saturday (May 18) at the 5th Annual Paterson Art Walk. Featuring projected visuals, interactive social media, and a virtual symphony of live and prerecorded music, the performance promises to change the face of live DJ performances and concerts by raising the level of their social and visual interactivity.

Watch Ben Moon perform at 9:00 PM directly across from the main stage at New Jersey’s The Art Factory, and be sure to get your copy of his debut EP Rhythm Method, featuring his breakout hit “Celebrity”, when it drops June 25 via Big Management. VIBE’s got the exclusive video to the Clokx Big Room Edit, above.