VIBE Premiere: Lorenzo Asher ‘Begin’ (Video)


Cleveland, Ohio lyricist Lorenzo Asher gets in touch with nature in the video for his song “Begin,” the lead single from his debut album Liquor|Loud|Loyalty|Love. Beautifully shot through director Michael Belcher’s perspectives, the video centers on all forms of beauty. Lorenzo’s words:

“The visual piece represents the songs multiple meaning, all with one real thing in common, beauty not meaning in a visible or even a physical aspect, more so relating to spiritual beauty, emotional beauty. Begin looking at, and comparing passions or creations to an individual being born but multiple times throughout the course of one lifetime, and still holding on to the soul that keeps the personalities one. The raw beauty of one’s vulnerability, the satisfaction of finding true purpose in life, and displaying the search results in front of an audience full of people just like you that may not have found the same purpose. The beauty and power of persuasion, and peer pressure, and its affect on mankind, creating a willingness to forget all found hope with the new hope of identifying with all. The beauty in our differences yet our unintentional desire to be the same. The beauty in failing to fail.”

Carve three minutes from your procrastination time at work and check out the premiere of Lorenzo Asher’s latest. It’s well worth it.