VIBE Remembers: RIP Romanthony


Over the weekend, news broke that one of house music’s trademark voices and producers, Romanthony, had passed away from illness related to kidney troubles on May 7th. The news was confirmed by his sister’s Facebook post, and news circulated quickly on the web, a tribute to his enduring impact on electronic music.

Most audiences will recognize Romanthony, born Anthony Moore, as the voice on Daft Punk’s 2001 hit, “One More Time.” But Moore actually had a longer history with house music, getting his start in the early 90s. A key player in the New Jersey house scene, Moore’s string of underground hits included 1994’s “Let Me Show You Love” and “The Wanderer”; 1995’s “Bring U Up” and “House of God”; his 1997 album Romanworld; and 1999’s “Hold On”, before Daft Punk tapped him for “One More Time,” citing him as one of their major influences.

Romanthony’s vocals were a mix of R&B and Soul, and his beats were lean, and stripped down, buoyed by a churchy bounce; both fundamental elements in the current “Deep House” resurgence. Thirty years ago, people said House wouldn’t last. At the time of Moore’s passing, House has not only endured, it has flourished into a thriving global culture. Thank you, Romanthony for showing us the love. We can only hope our memories and tributes return the favor.

Moore died at home in Austin Texas. He was 45.

“Let Me Show You Love”

The Wanderer

Hold On

One More Time