Video Of The Week: Boom Jinx, Maor Levi And Ashley Tomberlin ‘When You Loved Me’


The Song: Above & Beyond has been raising club roofs and setting the motherf**ers on fire with summertime heart-racer anthem, “When You Loved Me”. The love child track is birthed by two of Anjunabeats’ most prestigious producers: Norway’s audio oracle, Boom Jinx, and Maor Levi, the hottest thing to come out of Israel recently since matzoh ball soup. With ominous yet magnetic vocals from American singer Ashley Tomberlin, “When You Loved Me” is a nu-trance-bass hybrid that burns your soul then gives you strength to stand up and kick some ass.

Why The Video Wins Big: Because it ain’t easy to get all hot and bothered these days by way of YouTube. There’s something about a P.Y.T. splayed across her bed in nothing but knickers. The downtrodden beauty awaits her lover’s call, and when the bastard doesn’t, our heroine in a thong decides to throw on her gang rag and take a bat to some home goods. She proceeds to set a physical fire to scorch out memories of the lover who scorned her. It’s safe to say, this video blazes. - Sarah Polonsky