Vin Rock Responds To Naughty By Nature Breakup Rumors


After Treach of Naughty By Nature stirred up the Innanets by saying that Vin Rock was officially fired from the group, Vinnie is singing a different tune. He recently took to the hip-hop trio’s official Twitter account to address the controversy.

Blair, “Goast” Bryson, Treach’s booking agent, explained that the group hasn’t split but that they aren’t necessarily on the best of terms, New reports. “Treach is not one to hold his tongue,” Bryson said. “There’s some internal conflicts going on within the group.” He also said that the group, best known for their hits “OPP’ and “Hip Hop Hooray,” would continue touring regardless. Naughty is expected to perform May 18 in Durham, N.C., followed by Napa, Calif. on May 24 and Philadelphia on June 1. DJ Kay Gee, the third member of Naughty, has yet to issue a response.