Vixen Chat: DJ Traci Steele Talks ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ and Being the Next Oprah


DJ Traci Steele Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

VV: Speaking of families, the relationship between you and Baby Drew is different than Mimi and Stevie J’s. How do you still manage to keep things moving smoothly with you child’s father?
A functional family is the wife, husband, two kids and a white picket fence. I don’t have that, but I hope to keep grinding to keep me happy and to keep my son happy. It works when Big Drew and I are getting along. Don’t get it twisted, we have our disagreements. I do turn up every now and then but then I have to come back down and think about my son.

It’s the perfect comprise.
But it’s not easy. What people don’t see is that a lot of judgement comes with the show. Everyone has their own opinion, but I want people to try to understand these women. They’re trying to maneuver through life the best way they possibly can. We’re doing the same things you guys are doing, you just aren’t on TV. Don’t tell me you haven’t turned up ever in your whole life. Just watch and be entertained.

I feel like we are being entertained, especially with Baby Drew and his “THAHA” movement.
[Laughs] “These Hoes are Hoes Always,” but I say ” Haters are Haters Always.” He’s been selling those shirts like hotcakes. That’s just another check coming in, boo.

Any plans for Mother’s Day?
I just plan on hanging out with Big Drew and my son. Every year they take me to go eat, so we’ll probably go out and be a big, well,  some type of family. I don’t know what kind of family we are, but we’ll be together.

That’s so sweet!
When you watch this next episode, you’re not going to be thinking that. There’s nothing sweet about this next episode, but we always work through it and that’s what it’s all about. That’s what family does.