Vixen Chat: La Toya Jackson Talks New Reality Show, Abusive Relationship and Style Influences


Now, the Starting Over author is prepared to pen a new chapter as the cameras trail her in the new OWN series Life With La Toya. There is no shortage of drama as she battles to revive her music career, considers adoption and flaunts her independence. –Camille Augustin

VIBE Vixen: What’s the most surprising lesson you’ve learned about yourself from doing the show?
La Toya Jackson: I learned that I wasn’t embracing certain people I should have [like men] because of my past and what I had gone through. I didn’t realize that I had just sort of shut them out without even realizing it. It was brought to my attention with the people that surround me, that work with me and my friends. I realized that I wasn’t able to trust. It was a subconscious thing. I didn’t even know that’s the way I was thinking.

One thing viewers will see on the show is that you discuss your abusive past relationship. Such as fellow reality television star Tamar Braxton, who also confronted her tumultuous past relationship. Did you use her as inspiration to talk about your experience?
This is my first time hearing that. I have never known that about her, but I will say that because of spousal abuse, I was always so on guard on making sure I don’t get involved with someone of that nature. Because of that, I eradicated men out of my life completely where I just indulged in constant business, where I never even thought about dating or any of those things. It’s a very sensitive subject and I can understand if she was affected by it because we all are.