Vixen Chat: La Toya Jackson Talks New Reality Show, Abusive Relationship and Style Influences


La Toya In-StudioVV: Since traveling back to your hometown of Gary, Indiana, did you gain a different outlook on your life?
LTJ: It’s so funny because you forget a lot of things. I left when I was really young, and the minute I stepped in that house, all the memories came back. I recall my brothers rehearsing in the front room. If it wasn’t for that place, if it wasn’t for my father and brothers, you wouldn’t have a Jackson 5, you wouldn’t have had a Michael Jackson so that was so warm to me, and it was almost as if the house and the people in the neighborhood embrace you so graciously that you just wanted to be there longer and stay forever.

Adoption is discussed on Life With La Toya. Have you taken measures in beginning the process?
It’s something that I always wanted to do since I was 16 because I always wanted to help kids in the world. When [my ex-husband and manager Jack Gordon] took me and my passport away and said you’re never going back to your family or you can never speak to them again, my life took a different course. It was like there’s no way I’m adopting a child with this person. It’s still my love and my heart, and you will see it play out in the story.

With Michael Jackson’s children embarking on their own careers, is Paris planning to pursue modeling?
She loves show business in general, doesn’t matter what it is. Kids are young and their minds change all the time, but she wants to act more than anything else. She wants to act, sing, dance, play guitar, drums, everything.

And how is Prince’s Entertainment Tonight hosting job developing?
He did that for one time only because he wanted to so badly. He and his father worked so closely together as far as directing because he wants to be a director. He knows that his father was telling him, “You should be doing this at 16.” When people say why is everyone pushing him to show business, no one is. This is their life, this is what they want, this is what their father wanted for them and they know that.

Have the two of them approached you for advice on how to deal with fame?
Yes, they do. It’s so important to me to let them know that your education is most important. I just went to the Academic Awards that Prince had, where he’s just a straight-A student and was inducted into the Academics of the World, which is really great. I’m just very proud of him for that. He knows that schooling is first, just in case something happens and [show biz] doesn’t work out for you, you can fall back on your brain.