Vixen Chat: La Toya Jackson Talks New Reality Show, Abusive Relationship and Style Influences


La ToyaVV: With a burgeoning career in music depicted on the show, what type of records do you plan to create?
LBJ: You will see who I eventually start working with. I am working with RuPaul and it’s dance music, so we’re having fun with it. It’s strictly club. I love songs that people can dance to and enjoy at the same time. It’s very simple but fun.

Are you open to working with any rap artists?
Yes, if I like what they’re doing and it’s a positive thing. There’s a lot of different rap artists that are out there that are really great, but you know who I’m really loving right now that’s not necessarily rap? Bruno Mars. I just love his music. And Will Smith. He hasn’t put out anything in a while but his rapping is so clean and I like that.

Do you know when we can expect your lead single or a projected album date?
I don’t know about an album because we are working on different songs, but it’ll probably be an EP. As far as a single coming out in the next few weeks, you’ll hear something with RuPaul. It’ll be the song you’re hearing on the show.

Who is your style inspiration?
I do my own thing. I wear a lot of things that I design and I have someone make it for me. When it comes to designers, I love Armani, Versace and Louis Vuitton.

What is your must-have clothing item this season?
I always wear a brooch. I put them everywhere, all over my blazers. If it’s not a brooch, then probably a blazer because you can pop it on and have a different look. That’s the business side of me. You can just throw on a blazer with jeans or anything and you’ll look fine.

Would you be open to creating a fashion line?
Absolutely. I have developed a few things. A lot of the things that you see me wear are things that I’ve developed and designed. It’s going to a little while but we’re working on it. It’s not something that happens overnight.

Life With La Toya premieres June 1 on OWN at 9:30 p.m.