Vixen Chat: Ms. Drama Talks ‘Gossip Game’, Tell Haters to Respect Her Hustle


We’re used to seeing Ms. Drama caught up in nonsense with her Gossip Game co-stars. But is Ms. Drama really the villainous vixen we see on TV, or is there more to her? We put Ms. Drama in the hot seat to get to know the woman behind the name. —April Dawn Ricchuito

VIBE Vixen: There’s been some conflict on the show, especially between you and Viv. Would you ever work with Viv?
Ms. Drama: I’ve never worked with Viv and I would never [do it]. There’s no value there; it’s constant negativity. People will cosign the negativity there because it’s entertaining, but how does it empower?

It seems that there’s always conflict between you and the other cast members. You’ve had a lot of falling out with most of the women on the show. Can you explain that?
There are seven women on the show and I seem to be a pivotal part from what I watch. I don’t know about these extra convos that these women were having about me, but there must have been an obsession going on about Drama; they didn’t take the time to see where I come from, what my value is, what my work is like. Despite the name, my behavior has never been to incite, but to resolve. I know where I came from, I know who I am, and I know where I’m going. I’m sorry I’m not sorry if that intimidates you or makes you uncomfortable.

Why the name Ms. Drama? What’s the meaning behind your name? You seem to be about positivity and empowerment, not gossip and drama.
Ms. Drama to me is just a name that says “Look, brace yourself, because I’m going to let you know what’s going on.” It’s based on my craft and my work and has nothing to do with me as a woman. Personally, I am not about that life; there’s the persona of Ms. Drama for what I do with work, and there’s Ms. Drama the individual who is about positivity and empowerment; and if you’re watching, you will see the trajectory.