Vixen Chat: Ms. Drama Talks ‘Gossip Game’, Tell Haters to Respect Her Hustle


gossip game drama

What advice do you have for others who are dealing with drama and negativity?
I believe there’s a lot of power in words. They can bring life or they can bring death. Use your words to uplift. Violence is never justified. Remember that anyone who comes at you is dealing with something within themselves that has nothing to do with you; people lash out when they’re hurt. I pray for people a lot. Silence is a great tool for dealing with negativity, but sometimes I feel like people want to see you stand up for yourself. It’s all about making smart choices in the moment and telling the story you want to tell.

Let’s talk about relationships? Is there anyone special in your life?
I value my personal life and relationships to the degree that I don’t always feel like sharing it. Until there’s a ring on my finger, there’s no need for me to talk about it with anyone. I’m very observant and I’ve seen a lot of these reality and celebrity relationship crash—you don’t bring a two day old baby out into the world. My personal life is my baby. I deal with enough messiness on the show; if these other women want to do that, that’s their business, but it’s not for me!

What’s happening business wise for you? What’s up next?
I hate to talk prematurely about anything. But, I am no longer freelancing with I haven’t even started tweeting about it yet, but you will see brand ambassadorships. I’m about bigger, better, stronger, harder when I step out in the world.

How has this whole experience been for you?
If you’re not changing, you’re not growing. A lot of positivity has been happening since the first episode. You can hate me in the beginning, as long as you can respect the hustle and grind and see me where I am today. Drake said it best: “Started from the bottom, now we here.”

If you could tell the world anything about you, in the hopes that they know just this one thing, what would it be?
I feel the world is going to have their opinion, no matter what I say. But, I’m very loyal, I love hard, I’m very forgiving. But, I’m not a fool. People see a part of the picture, I hope they see there’s a story and they decide to take the time and read a little bit. Really investigate and really absorb, and see that there’s more to me than the character that I present; there is a side that’s very focused, very intelligent, very positive. It’s fine if they don’t want to do that, but I hope that anyone invested in the show or in me takes the time out to do this. You may not always get me, but I’m human. I’m ever evolving. I hope everyone on this show is evolving.