Vixen Chat: Po Johnson Talks New Album ‘Sound Collage’ and Chasing Her Dreams


Po Johnson

Unless you’ve been living under a reality show rock, you’re already familiar with La La’s Full Court Life star (and LGBT supporter) Po Johnson. Raised in Louisiana, this larger-than-life musician had an interesting journey and credits a lot of her influences and choices to her bluegrass roots. “I’m from Baton Rouge, and it’s a very artistic scene with the blues,” she says. “The culture is artistic in itself, so growing up in that kind of environment kind of spawned who I am today.”

In her early 20s, making almost six figures, the creative junkie quit her job to pursue her passion–a leap of faith many people have yet to take. It’s that vulnerability to devote herself to her passion that she is hoping will translate through her artistry. “I’m vulnerable, but that’s life,” she says. “It’s happy, sad, and emotional. I’m horny, I’m not horny. It’s all of that.”

And for that reason, Johnson ditched big names for her upcoming album Sound Collage: The Diary of Love Drunken Monkey, wanting fans to understand solely her talent first.

Vixen caught up with the reality star-slash-singer to find out what we still don’t know about her, details about her upcoming album and her advice for others trying to break into the biz. — Sharifa Daniels