Vixen Chat: Po Johnson Talks New Album ‘Sound Collage’ and Chasing Her Dreams


Po Johnson

VIBE Vixen: What don’t we already know about you?
Po Johnson: I’m a very calm, cool, collected person, but I’m also very driven [by growing up] in a not-so economically successful family and not wanting to live the same way. People see me on a TV as a super fun girl, but at the same time, I do maintain focus on what I want to be successful at. I make it a point to do something creative every day. I make it a point to write every day, sketch every day. And even if I write the worst song ever, I make sure to do it. That’s how I live my life. You can’t see that in a bio and you can’t see that on the show, so I want people to know that. I’m a fun girl but I’m deep, man.

What made you ditch everything else and pursue your passion?
I was making almost six figures at a very young age, which was cool, but the quality of life is more than that to me. If you love something so much you can’t stay away from it, it becomes a drug. That’s what music is to me. I can’t see myself going to an office and working at a place for the rest of my life just for money. I need to be happy on the inside and out. At the end of it, I’ll be Po Johnson. I can say that I tried.

That’s truth. Will you get personal on this album?
I call it Sound Collage: The Diary of Love Drunken Monkey. It’s about all my emotions, not just a relationship, but going through a lot with my life and using the outlets that we have. I wanna show them what I’m thinking, what I’m really feeling. I wanna show them that I’m insecure, that I made a mistakes. I’m not holding back.