Vixen Chat: Po Johnson Talks New Album ‘Sound Collage’ and Chasing Her Dreams


VV: Will there be any features on the album?Po Johnson
PJ: No. But I do want this artist friend of mine by the name of Spree Wilson to get on one of my songs. I just want people to know me first. I’m being selfish.

So in unselfish fashion, what advice would you give to those who are trying to break in the industry?
You have to believe in yourself. You have to be you biggest hype man. This is your life and you gotta be careful about where you end.

Why was it important to do everything independently?
I’m a very independent person. I’m not afraid to ask for help, but I am a person who likes to stand on their own two feet. People have the misconception that La La takes care of me and Dice, and that’s not the case. She’s emotionally and creatively supportive of my dreams, and it goes both ways. We’re there because she wants us there. That’s my friend. Do I have to be there? No, but I wanna be there.

Do you feel like it’s hard for you to find your own presence outside of La La’s celebrity?
[Laughs] No. I have my own presence outside of them. To me, they’re more than friends, they’re family. Outside of the show, I have a bigger family and that will come to light very soon. The more you get into the Po Johnson story, people will see that aspect of that. I’m blessed.

Dope. Are you gonna be on the next season of the show?
If there’s a La La’s Full Court Life, I’ll be on there.