Vixen Chat: Taylour Paige Talks Temptation on ‘Hit The Floor’ and Working With Kimberly Elise


Taylour PaigeVV: How was it working with Kimberly Elise?
She’s awful! [Laughs] No, I’m just kidding. She’s the most incredible, most professional. Her delivery, her lines, her preparation–she brings a beautiful energy to set. When I have scenes with her, she’s so engaged that you can’t help but be engaged. She’s giving you so much real and vulnerability that it inspires you to bring it too.

We know a little about your on-screen relationship and Asha’s interest in Derek Roman. Are you dating off-screen?
I am dating off the show. I have a boyfriend and he’s amazing.

He’s very supportive of your career?
He is. He’s been there [through] my ups and downs of auditions. He’s very supportive and excited and he hasn’t seen the show yet so he’s in for a treat too.

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