Vixen Chat: Viv Billings Opens Up About Her Family, Abuse, and Steph Lova Drama


We’ve seen Vivian Billings on The Gossip Game doing her thing and pursuing her beat, but we didn’t see—until recently—what Viv was dealing with at home. Here Viv opens up about supporting her son through his gender change, her issues with Steph Lova, and how she copes with sharing her private life on national television. —April Dawn Ricchuito

Vibe Vixen: Is there really beef with Rich Dollaz?  Would you ever collaborate with Ms. Drama and Steph Lova in the future?
Vivian Billings: I have no problems with Rich Dollaz. I am not open to working with either one of those ladies (Ms. Drama or Steph Lova) and I think that’s all I’m going to say about that.

We saw you meet up with Steph Lova to discuss the remarks she made on air about your son, Kayden, and KK’s sexual orientation. What was going through your head at that moment? How did you stay so calm in that situation? What were you hoping the outcome would be?
When I filmed the scene with Steph Lova, I wasn’t there to talk. For those that may not be aware, Mona (Scott Young) begged me to have a dialogue with Stephen and asked if I would take out my hair pins in which I said “No”. However, I was open to hearing Stephen apologize, which she never did, so at one point I felt like I had said enough and just spit at her.

Photo Credit: VH1