Vixen Chat: Viv Billings Opens Up About Her Family, Abuse, and Steph Lova Drama


Vivian and kaydenWhen Star appeared on Steph’s show, he let her think you said a few things. Do you feel like Star was maybe playing you both to help himself come up? Did you take this up with him off camera? If not, do you have any plans too?
Star and I have a really close relationship and so when he went on Steph’s show, I already knew there was a possibility that he would say something to set her off. It’s what he does, that’s his job. He’s a shock jock and he did just that. I have no issues with Star because at the end of the day, Steph should’ve known better than to fall for the okey doke.

I love that you’re so supportive of KK. Were you hesitant to discuss such a sensitive issue on the show? Have you and KK received a lot of support from fans?
I certainly did not want to have my child’s sexual orientation put on blast, especially not on a public platform. However, due to Stephen’s ratchet mouth, it’s what happened. At this time, KK and I have received a lot of positive support from outsiders. Renee Graziano offered a shoulder to lean on and I thought that was so nice of her.

What are some ways women can be supportive of others in similar situations?
I think the only way to be supportive in these situations is just to let the person know that you are there for them no matter what. And I feel like that’s just what I did with my child.

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